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Civil Rights for Sponsoring Organizations 2023-2024 (CRICAP-250)

Program institutions and facilities receiving federal financial assistance are required to comply with federal civil rights laws to ensure all Child Nutrition participants have equal access to all benefits and services. This course will review Civil Rights regulations, and provide all information necessary to ensure that your program is in compliance with these requirements.

Informal Procurement and Reimbursable Meals: A Guide for Small Purchases (CRICAP-562)

All Child Nutrition program operators must procure all goods and services using the federal procurement regulations. This course will define informal procurement thresholds, and the main steps involved in procuring food. It will offer practical strategies for purchasing, and provide resources to ensure that the meals served to program participants are reimbursable.

Purchase Smarter, Not Harder (CRICAP-564)

This lesson provides information about different purchasing options available to CACFP institutions that will not only help minimize the workload and cost of planning and implementing an effective food program but also make sure that the food program is still able to offer high-quality, nutritious foods.

Basic Scratch Cooking Skills for Child Nutrition Programs (CRICAP-569)

Basic Scratch Cooking Skills for Child Nutrition Programs is a 1-hour training course designed to provide anyone with cooking responsibilities in Child Nutrition Programs with the basic skills they need to begin preparing food. This training covers important topics including the benefits of cooking from scratch, basic knife types and knife cuts, different kinds of cooking methods, and a brief overview of developing standardized recipes and using cycle menus.

Milk Substitutions: Serving Creditable Milk Alternatives in Child Nutrition Programs (CRICAP-571)

This is a 1-hour training course designed to provide child nutrition program operators with the information they need to accommodate participants’ dietary needs as it pertains to fluid milk consumption. This training covers important topics including creditable milk types per age group and meal service, methods for accommodating special dietary requests and disabilities, and allowable fluid milk substitutions.